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There are numerous valuable qualities worth seeking when selecting a real estate broker, but there’s one quality which stands out far above the rest. Experience. It’s the one quality which ensures that your broker will know what to do to no matter what challenge the market throws your way.


Real estate is constantly changing, and recently, that change takes the form of the real estate team. With these teams come more opportunities for miscommunication and for the ball to be dropped. With me, there’s none of that.


I’m a hands on broker. So when you call me, you talk to me.


I’m the type that believes in the power of a phone call, but I don’t discredit the opportunities provided by digital marketing. I’ll use Premier Homes and tap Hasson Company networks to get your home in front of eager buyers around the world, and if you’re looking to buy a home yourself, my familiarity with these tools will ensure that I find the best fit for you.


Each of my clients gets my undivided attention. I don’t have someone else doing my paperwork and I certainly don’t have someone else putting together offers. I’ve worked diligently over the last 26 years to build an understanding of the housing market in Lake Oswego and the surrounding communities, and it’s a hard-earned understating that I like to pass along to my clients directly.


Working with a single broker provides a personal experience, yes, but it’s more than that. It just makes sense. Working in this time-tested way streamlines the experience, and prevents the process from turning into a cycle of information chasing.


Beyond the focused attention I give to my clients, there’s the distance I’ll go to make sure that the deal is what they need it to be. I’ve cleaned gutters, taken a more than a few trips to the dump, and even found myself in a crawlspace or two – all to make sure that the experience is painless, and that the home meets my clients’ standards.


If that sounds like something you’d like, give me call. I deal equally with sellers and buyers, and would love a chance to work with you.

Ed Buchman was superb in every way; knowledgeable, able to solve problems and communicate issues clearly. His interpersonal skills are excellent. He had to communicate with me, the loan agent, buyers agent and prospective agents prior to a final buy decision. I never felt pressure and knew Ed had my interests as a main priority. Ed showed me homes in nearly all surrounding areas before I decided to settle in downtown Portland. This required a lot of time on his part. He was always upbeat and fun to work with. I learned much about the local market through my interactions with him. To summarize, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Hasson Company and would strongly reccomend Ed Buchman and your organization to a prospective buyer or seller. Thank you for your high level of service!

— Scott Kopoian

I told Ed Buchman the exact neighborhood, size and personality I wanted in a new home. Not only did Ed find me the perfect home, but he personally presented my bid and ensured I had the winning offer! Finding the ideal house is so important to my overall happiness I wouldn’t want it anyone’s hands but Ed’s.

— Carolyn O'Brien

I give Ed five stars all the way! When you have a really poor experience with a realtor, you realize how much they actually do in the home buying process! Our last real estate experience was awful and we wanted a realtor we could trust. Enter Ed: What a blessing and breath of fresh air! Ed was great to work with, willing to meet us at our convenience, and took care of everything so we didn't have to. Our circumstance was tough (we were actually out of the country when we closed), but he went the extra mile to be our advocate and landed us the exact home we wanted. Thank you, Ed!

— Brenda Kneifel

Ed worked tirelessly showing us many homes and finding us the perfect property. He navigated a complex and lengthy short sale process very well. Throughout, he proved professional, responsive and always available. Ed is experienced and well respected in the residential real estate community which was important to us in choosing a realtor to work with. Highly recommended.

— David Wiles and Kim Pelett

Ed Buchman was our next door neighbor in Lake Oswego and then our realtor when we decided to sell our home and purchase a smaller one closer to the Raleigh Hills area. While he was a very pleasant neighbor, he was a really excellent realtor. It took him six months to find the right home for us, and in our experience, that was fast. We had been looking on and off for two years with no success, and 17 years earlier it had taken us over a year to find the home we wanted. And then, when Ed found the perfect home for us, we would have lost it to a higher bidder, except that he had written a letter to the listing agent about our special circumstances. As it turned out, the previous owners had had a similar situation and responded immediately that they wanted us to have the home, despite the bid higher than ours. Ed knows the real estate market and also human nature. He is laid back and easy going and a delight to work with. We highly recommend him.

— Bernice Gevurtz

It’s about quality over quantity. At Hasson, we take tremendous pride in associating only with agents who epitomize the service, communication and professionalism that our company is known for. The agents and the company are dependent upon each other to achieve the greatest success.

— Mike Hasson, President & Owner

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05/24/2018 - devin durtschi

Bought a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $400K in Hillsboro, OR.

Highly Recommended

Local Knowledge

Process Expertise


Negotiation Skills

"I was introduced to Ed through my employer's relocation package and at first didn't expect much because I thought (incorrectly) that they just gave you some "Joe-Schmo" to do as little as possible to get you setup. Boy was I wrong. The market here at the time is very competitive with houses selling almost instantly with multiple offers. Ed was not only very skilled/knowledgable about the market but also a great, friendly guy I enjoyed working with. The house we loved and offered on he helped us beat out 5-6 other offers thanks to his knowledge and negotiation skills and got a great house - even closed early on it. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

— devin durtschi

04/30/2018 - hotmail37

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $725K in Palisades, Lake Oswego, OR.

Highly Recommended

Local Knowledge

Process Expertise


Negotiation Skills

"Ed was so easy to work with, scheduling time was always flexible. He had great ideas on how to evaluate properties, and how best to approach making offers, as well as detailed items that were worth considering when putting an offer together. He's got contacts in many helpful areas that go beyond just the process of looking at and buying properties. Top notch."

— hotmail37